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A FEW WORDS from our customers

What some of our clients have to say

"We have performed our first examination with the use of the Illumacam and to say i was floored is an understatement.The photos were absolutely UN-BELIEVE-ABLE in what they picked up on. Amazing difference!!! My mouth literally was agape.We love our Illumacam."

Michelle R. Ortiz Forensic Healthcare Coordinator Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

“For too many years, police dismissed domestic violence as a fundamentally private matter. By investing in cutting-edge technology like the Illumacam, officers are finally proving to women that, yes, domestic violence is a crime—and, yes, the police are there to do something about it.”

Jennifer Reister Domestic Violence Projects Supervisor Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

"The ILLUMACAM-2 provided by Crime Sciences inc. is an integral piece of equipment in evidence documentation and ultimately the care of the patient."

"Great product. Easy to use. Great technical support and education. I have promoted this product to the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault Treatment Centres."

Judy Tapp Forensic Nurse, St. Joe's Healthcare

"We have been using the Glowtorch for over 5 years now that we purchased from Crime Sciences Inc. and find it a definite asset to our program."

Sherri Thornton RN SANE-A, ME-SAFE-A/P, Forensic Program Coordinator MGMC