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Forensic LED Lights

We offer a broad range of LED based forensic lights

LED Forensic Lights to fit your needs and budget

From larger more powerful LED lights to more compact waterproof and rugged LED lights, we have models to meet your needs in a range of wavelengths, from true UV to Infrared

GlowTorch™ Forensic Light Sources

Our own custom designed LED Forensic Light Sources

We have been supplying forensic LED light sources for many years, and we have worked with a major tactical LED light manufacturer to bring you our own GlowTorch™ brand of rugged, powerful and practical forensic light sources.

  • It is perfectly engineered to produce a highly focused beam
  • Compact design for easy use in confined spaces: Length: 177 mm (7 inches)
    ◦ Bezel diameter: 63.5 mm (2.5 inches)
    ◦ Body diameter: 50 mm (2 inches)
    ◦  Weight: 723 g (1.6 lbs) with battery
  • Unique digital circuit control technology to maximize battery life and consistent light output performance
  • Maintains its appearance through extreme weather and rugged treatment with a tough, durable Type III anodized finish. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • O-ring sealed to IPX 6 water proof standard
  • Able to stand on tail cap to serve as a lamp
  • Shadow and hotspot free illuminated field of view
  • Uses 4 cell 18650 (2600 mAh) high quality
    rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that is interchangeable between units
  • Battery life of ~ 4 hours of continuous use, with a battery life indicator.  Can operate while charging
  • Standard 5 V output so you can charge smartphones, tablets and most other mobile devices from your GlowTorch
  • Limited lifetime warranty, including the battery pack
  • Simple one hand operation to turn on/off and thumb wheel to adjust output settings
  • Available in UV (365nm), white, 415, 460, 505, 530, 590 and infrared wavelengths
  • Available in complete kits from 2 to 8 wavelengths with nylon framed adjustable high quality goggles, high quality glass camera filters and custom carry case

GlowTorch™FN LED light sources

More compact version of our larger GlowTorch™ lights

More compact than our larger GlowTorch™ lights, these have many of the same features.

  • Simple tap on/off rear switch
  • Lightweight at only 4.8 oz (130gm with battery), length 124 mm (4.9 inches), 23 mm body diameter (0.9 inches), bezel diameter of 25.4 mm (1 inch)
  • Adjustable light intensity settings
  • Shadow and hotspot free illuminated field of view
  • Rugged and waterproof design, impact resistant, waterproof and submersible to 2 meters 
  • 3 to 4 hours of continuous use on a full charge
  • Uses one 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery, with new magnetic external charger
  • Available in UV (365), white, 415, 470, 505, 530, 590 and infrared nm wavelengths
  • Available as complete kits with 2 to 8 different wavelengths with appropriate nylon framed adjustable goggles, high quality glass camera filters and carry case
  • Can be used with our PHOrensicCAM products

Forensic Identification Torch (FIT) Range

FIT LED single wavelength forensic lights from CopperTree Forensics

A range of powerful single wavelength LED Light Sources designed and built in collaboration with UK Law enforcement.  Utilising the most up to date LED technology, effective at short and mid-range, providing a tighter band width closer to laser light quality, but without the health and safety concerns.  The blue and green lights form a square field of view for grid type scene searching, with even and shadow free illumination, with only one light intensity setting. 

  • Blue, up to 4 watts at 437 - 458nm with peak at 450nm
  • Green, up to 1.2 watts at 510 - 540nm with peak at 520nm

The white FIT light provides the highest clarity white light in a well defined circular illuminated field of view, to allow for greater detail ideal looking for trace evidence, oblique lighting for dust prints and for inspection purposes, at two intensities.  Up to 1.3 watts of output.

  • Each FIT light weighs 1.07 kg (2.36 lbs) and measures 26.5  cm (10.4 inches) in length, with a head diameter of  6.7 cm (2.6 inches)
  • Each is powered by 2 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, providing up to 90 minutes of continuous use on a single charge

The FIT range of torches are available individually or in sets with goggles, camera filters, chargers and protective carry cases.



PIT Personal Issue Torch White Light

A smaller version of the white FIT light

A smaller version of the FIT White Light, still providing unbelievable clarity in a more compact design.  Ideal for general trace evidence searches, oblique angle dust prints and inspection purposes. 

It has two intensity power settings.   One at 0.125 watts will provide up to 7 hours of continuous use on a single charge, and the other at 0.4 watts will provide up to 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

1KMT Powerful Search Light

A long range search light with a search beam of up to 1 kilometer (0.63 miles)

A long range powerful search light, for use at disaster recovery, traffic incidents, search and rescue.  
A quick and easy charging light, comes complete with charger, rechargeable batteries and protective lens cap.
 * 1100 Lumens
 * Robust LED Lamp
 * Length: 26.5cm (10.4 inches)
 * Head Diameter: 6.7cm (2.6 inches)
 * Battery: 5500mAh / 3.7v / 20.35Wh

FOCUS LED from SPEX Forensics

Compact series of LED Lights

The FOCUS's superior optical design offers an homogeneous spot and defined edge to provide the consistent intensity necessary to properly capture photos where there are no under/over developed sections in the same image.

The FOCUS fits in the palm of your hand.  Its ultra-compact size is deceiving when it is illuminating a scene.   The superior optical design behind the FOCUS maximizes beam projection. 

  • Extremely lightweight LED with a minimum 2 hours of run time
  • Rugged portable LED units with one click activation
  • Available in 6 individual wavelengths:  UV390, 470, 495, 530, 620, WHITE
  • Choose from a 3 or 6 unit kit with goggles, carry case, chargers