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Turn Your Smartphone into a Forensic Imaging System

Add other apps to expand the forensic capabilities of your smartphone

Use the power of your smartphone or a refurbished one that we can supply, to turn your device into a more productive investigative tool:

  • Turn it into a forensic imaging system to use with your current forensic alternate light source or laser - PHOrensicCAM™
  • Turn it into a multi-spectral imaging system by including our GlowTorch™FN LED light sources - PHOrensicCAM™+
  • Add a magnification lens to use it to capture injury details during sexual assault examinations similarly to a colposcope - PHOrensicCAMSKOPE™
  • Use it with our Multi-Detect™ drug, explosive and GSR detection kits to objectively read and record the results, and immediately save/send a detailed report in PDF


Download PHOrensicCAM™ Brochure