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The most widely used forensic light source and camera in one

Easy to use, compact and portable

We first developed the ILLUMACAM™ in 2012, with the forensic nurse and domestic violence investigators in mind.  We upgraded it to the ILLUMACAM™-2 with the introduction of more powerful LED lights and a longer lasting rechargeable battery in 2016.  It is the most widely used combination forensic light and imaging system by SANE and domestic violence law enforcement investigators.

Download ILLUMACAM™-2 Brochure

White/470nm wavelengths

The shadow and hotspot free illumination makes this an ideal light source and imaging system.  With the white light, you get an evenly illuminated field of view.  What you see on the screen is what you'll get image wise.  Easily take high quality images of visible wounds, marks, bruises, and more.

The 470nm wavelength was chosen for the following properties:

  • Biological fluids fluoresce strongly at this wavelength
  • 470nm blue light can penetrate below the skin surface more than lower wavelengths, allowing more light to be available for bruises, strangulation marks, ligature marks and other marks, allowing for a greater potential to visualize these marks when not visible under white light
  • Chromophores in bruises absorb more of the blue light at 470nm and other competing substances such as melanin absorb less
  • At 470nm, gunshot residue and invisible security stamps will fluoresce, inks and tattoos absorb more at 470nm than lower wavelengths, making them more visible, even when not clear on the surface

Easily adjust the light intensity and switch between wavelengths

The power-pack/control unit that fits onto the artificial hot-shoe provides up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge.  Easily switch between the two wavelengths with a single button.  Adjust the light intensity/output of each wavelength independently, with 5 different settings.

Crime scene investigators can also adjust the quadrant of LED's that are lit to create shadow/contrast areas for oblique lighting useful for locating and examining dust prints and tool marks.

Imaging features

The ILLUMACAM™-2 comes with the ILLUMALIGHT™, a dual wavelength LED ring light, and the Olympus Stylus Tough TG-6 camera.  The ILLUMALIGHT™ has 16 white and 16 470nm LED lights.  It has a removable Orange 22 camera filter.  We have custom made a hot-shoe plate that is attached to the camera. The camera is waterproof and rugged in design, with great auto focussing and other features, and shoots in both RAW and JPEG formats.  We pre-configure the camera settings for you so you can begin using it right away.

Multiple wavelength options

Want other wavelength options?  You can select additional ILLUMALIGHT™'s with different combinations of wavelengths.  Choose any 2 wavelengths from the following:  UV (365nm), white, 415, 455, 470, 525 and IR (infrared). 

Your choice of wavelengths will come with the appropriate high quality glass camera filter(s) and goggles.  The IR light will require the modification of the camera to make it sensitive in the IR region.

Comes as a complete kit

Everything you need to get going is included in the carry case.  Each kit includes:

  • The dual white/470nm wavelength ILLUMALIGHT™
  • Rechargeable power-pack/controller, with external charger
  • Olympus Stylus Tough TG-6 waterproof and rugged twelve (12) megapixel camera with rechargeable battery and cable/adapter
  • Orange 22 high quality glass camera filter, custom hot-shoe plate to hold the ILLUMALIGHT™ 
  • Two pair of our nylon framed adjustable orange goggles for the examiners, and one pair of our wrap-around orange goggles for the person being examined
  • SD storage card
  • USB stick with manuals, training materials, reference articles