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A complete forensic nursing examination tool

A complete, portable, forensic light, camera and colposcope like system in one

One tool, that can locate potential biological fluids, bruises and other marks, physical injuries, and capture images at the same time.  It can also be used to look for tissue tears and injuries in the vaginal/anal area.

Download PHOrensicCam™ Brochure

Have a smartphone?

Turn it into a forensic camera system

If you are already using a colposcope but don't have a camera system, or find that the camera system is not user friendly, and the foot pedal or other hand remote device get in the way, why not use our PHOrensicCAM™ instead?

We can supply a PHOrensicCAM™ with a filter/lens adapter to fit your device, allowing you to view and capture exactly what you are viewing on a larger screen, without having to look away, and to capture images using your voice only, freeing up your hands.  No cables, wires, etc.

Don't have a smartphone or want a dedicated one?

We can supply a cost effective refurbished smartphone

Not all smartphones are the same, and you should not be using your personal smartphone for this purpose.  You are not using it as a phone, but simply as a sophisticated viewing, image/video capture and temporary storage device. 

We recommend refurbished Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones, for the following reasons:

  • Hi resolution screen and image capture
  • We recommend those that shoot in RAW and JPEG formats
  • Have SD micro storage cards
  • Have voice activation image capture for hands free imaging, and you don't have to touch the screen which can blur the image and reduce contamination issues
  • With no SIM card, no chance of sending data to other devices remotely
  • Cost effective

Have a GlowTorch™ FN Light?

Use it or get one to convert PHOrensicCAM into a more complete system

If you already have one of our GlowTorch™ FN forensic lights, then you can attach it to our PHOrensicCAM™ to make it a PHOrensicCAM™+.

We can supply a handgrip with a hot-shoe and GlowTorch™FN light holder that will add stability to your system and hold everything together for one hand operation.  No need to hold a forensic light in one hand, and camera/PHOrensicCAM™ in the other.

Using a colposcope, but no camera?

Use our PHOrensicCAM to take your images

You can probably use our PHOrensicCAM to attach to your colposcope so that you can have a larger viewing screen, and take pictures of what you are seeing.  We can likely have a custom filter/lens adapter made to fit your device, that you can use hands free.

Saving you money on an expensive accessory, which will likely require a pedal or remote to activate.

Upgrade to PHOrensicCAMSKOPE™

Go one step further to get a complete system

Go one step further.  Add our 8x magnification lens and pistol grip controller and rolling tripod, and you have a portable device that can be used similar to a colposcope to image physical injuries.  We can include a white GlowTorch™FN light.

Are you using toluidine blue to enhance your examination for physical injuries?  Have you checked to see if the product you are using from your supplier is sterile and FDA approved (YOU SHOULD!)?  Not happy with the results and the mess?

A U.S. Department of Justice funded project entitled " Evaluation of a Novel Fluorescent Dye to Detect Ano-genital Injury in Women of Color" during sexual assaults, looked at the potential use of fluorescein dye, which is sterile, readily available, and FDA approved, and their findings were very positive.  They found it to be much more sensitive, and it fluoresces very strongly under a blue light, making it's use with our GlowTorch™FN light ideal.  Contact us for a copy of the study.