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Forensic Supply Leaders - Trusted since 1999


We are always researching what our customers needs are so we can time and time again provide them with our costumed designed products.

Multiple Markets Served

We have a wide range of customer markets such as: Federal/Provincial/Municipal Police Services, Forensic Nursing, Federal Provincial/State Agencies, Critical Infrastructure Security, Forensic Laboratories, Colleges/Universities & many more.


Forensic Knowledge

We not only supply forensic products but we are equipped with a team of people who have deep understanding for forensic science.

Products You Need

Top Rated Custom Products

Speciality Areas

Customer Service

Serving Multiple Markets

We started as Invitro Sciences Inc. in October of 1999, serving the forensic market in Canada from our humble beginning working out of a garage.  We distributed products for a few of companies, mostly based in the U.S.

We quickly evolved into a leading supplier to the forensic and public safety market in Canada.  We began using the CSI Crime Sciences Inc. name in 2003 as it better reflected the products and services we offered.


We have since developed and sourced new products and technologies that we now available in other countries.

We are very proud of many of our key accomplishments along the way:

  • First company to introduce hand-held LED forensic light sources to Canada.
  • We have supplied over 80% of the forensic light sources and forensic lasers used to detect and analyze trace evidence in Canada.
  • We helped introduce the broader use of infrared light and photography in Canada for crime scene use.
  • We are the leading supplier of forensic light products to the forensic nursing community in Canada and the U.S.
  • We continue to offer comprehensive training in the use of forensic alternate light sources at no cost to our customers.
  • We were the first company to introduce high resolution, high dynamic range imaging solutions for crime scene use in Canada.
  • We have developed a number of exclusive and unique products that are now available in other countries.