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MobileDetect Automated Detection on Your Smartphone

Drugs and GSR Detection on Your Smartphone

Safer, More Sensitive, More Objective Testing, Fewer Errors

Use the free app to generate a detailed test report on the spot

The MobileDetect products from DetectaChem bring you the next generation in presumptive drug and GSR testing on the market.

With the FREE smartphone app, you can generate an instantaneous test report in PDF that can be stored and immediately sent from your phone, or offloaded later.

With the additional capability of being able
to test non-visible or “trace” samples to detect the presence of narcotics, the possibilities of where and what you can test are broadened dramatically. Examples include: swabbing a suspect’s hands for the presence of cocaine after the discovery of a brick found in the trunk of a car; swabbing drug paraphernalia for the presence of drugs in the absence of visible evidence; swabbing a piece of luggage or container for the presence of drug residue. The MobileDetect Pouch and App make a great
addition in adding another link in the chain of evidence and helping to find narcotics in the ever evolving threat landscape.

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