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MultiDetect Technology and Benefits

Swipe - Test - Result - Report

Safer - More Sensitive - More Objective - Fewer Errors

Detect trace amounts on surfaces, no need for large sample amount

The MobileDetect tests use an automated colorimetric based technology in a unique custom designed pouch to test for trace amounts of drugs or GSR.  They are 10 times more sensitive than traditional pouch based tests that require an amount of the material to be scooped up and placed in the pouch.

The smartphone app allows the investigator to read the QR Code on the test pouch, and to read the colorimetric result, providing an instantaneous "positive" or "negative" test result.  This provides a more accurate test result, as the investigator does not have to interpret the result, nor ensure that they have to remember and record the type of test being conducted.

  • Meets NIJ Standard 0604.01 for presumptive drug testing
  • Uses globally-recognized Colorimetric Chemistries for drug detection
  • Recognized by several U.S. Federal Agencies as legal probably cause for presumptive drug testing
  • DetectaChem Subject Matter Experts available on request for court purposes
  • Internal 59-page Testing Documentation detailing true/false positives for all
    MobileDetect drug testing pouches
  • Fentanyl testing report by Signature Sciences Government Testing

See all of the benefits here.


Reduced Exposure to Investigators & Test Trace Amounts

The unique "swab" testing method means that investigators do not have to expose themselves to larger quantities of potentially dangerous materials like fentanyl contaminated drugs.

It also means that the test pouch cannot be overloaded with the substance and cause an overreaction that can lead to injuries, as is the case with  current pouch technologies.

Current pouch tests require a much larger physical amount of the substance to be scooped up and placed inside the pouch.  This exposes the investigator to potentially harmful amounts of the substance.

With the MobileDetect Swab sampling, surfaces only need to be tested, no more direct handling of the substance.

This also means that trace amounts not even visible can be detected.  Surfaces without enough material to be "scooped" up into a pouch can be tested.  

Remove the Swab strip from the test cartridge, and swab the outside surfaces of packages, surfaces difficult to reach, all kinds of surfaces that may have come in contact with the suspect material.

All in one pouch test

Easy, simple testing

Insert the swab strip into the cartridge half-way, crush the self-contained chemical ampoules on either side, shake the cartridge, push the swab all the way down, then read the results.

Fast, easy, safe.

Some test cartridges have dual swabs for multi-testing, others have a single swab for more specific testing.

Read the result, generate the test report

More objective test report, reduced risk of errors

The investigator can interpret the test result visually by examining the color reaction, or use the free smartphone app.  The app will...

  • Read the QR Code on the test pouch, and identify the test being done
  • Identify the specific lot number of the test being done
  • Provide a more objective interpretation of the test result, and record an image of the test result
  • Provide an immediate "positive" or "negative" interpretation of the test result
  • Reduces potential for errors, as it identifies the test being done, and records the test result, so no transcription errors.

MultiDetect Smartphone App

Instant detailed reporting and record of test results

The FREE smartphone app is available for download.  It functions with most android and iOS (version 8 or higher) smartphones.  The free app is for all of the drug tests and the GSR test.  

  • All libraries and future updates are at no cost
  • There are onboard tutorials to demonstrate how to perform a test
  • App will read the QR code, identify and record the test being performed, lot number, read and provide/store the test result and an image of the test and result
  • Additional images can be added of the area/item that was tested
  • The GPS coordinates of where the test was conducted will be recorded, and even show/record a map of where the test was performed, as well as a time stamp
  • Additional identifiers such as the investigator's name, badge number, can be entered and stored
  • Additional notes can be entered and stored
  • The report is generated in PDF, which can be downloaded and printed later, or can be sent via email, text, Dropbox, to a supervisor or other contact