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ELCO-LIZQ3D What it Does

Clear high resolution images means near noise free point clouds

The fully automatic generation of high density point clouds from images in almost laser scan quality.


Even with surfaces that are almost homogeneous in color, even the smallest texture differences on the object are sufficient to produce almost noise-free 3D point clouds. Now you can even model difficult areas/objects such as interiors or cars in 3D as per this BMW sample, from images on the left to point cloud on the right.



A more dense point cloud

The 50 megapixel high resolution individual images captured using the Canon 5Ds along with the huge overlap between images captured by LIZQ360 are ideal for the new algorithm which makes it possible to calculate a 3D point from every pixel of an image. Each 3D point is the result of a so-called forward cut, so ELCO-LIZQ3D has very good control over this process and can generate point clouds in almost laser scan quality.


Near laser scan accuracy of measurements

The higher the quality of the camera-lens combination, the smaller the pixel size and the better the images, the better the accuracy. With the LIZQ360 images, measurement accuracies of only a couple of millimeters are achieved, and this can even be improved upon with the use of targets.