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R2S® Mosaic - Create a Digital Virtual Tour

Use the reality captures and 3D data to create a detailed digital virtual tour

Manage and present complex information

The ability to manage and present complex case or project information in a concise presentation can save both time and money.

Selected information can be published on to a fully interactive DVD or USB which can be used for briefing, training and presentation purposes


Two working copies for the price of one

Standalone version allows you to install a working copy on two devices, such as a laptop for field use, and a workstation, for greater value and flexibility, so two copies for the price of one.


Network Version

  • The network version can allow an unlimited number of simultaneous users to have access to the same data
  • The system is secure, fully auditable, and runs on the internal networks of some of the biggest companies in the world as well as many public safety agencies


Publishing a Web Version

Publishing a web version to a secure server allows a browser based version to be accessed remotely on portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops for coordinated and instant access to virtual details


Hillsborough Stadium Disaster

By using R2S and a 3D model, the jury could easily access a navigable representation of Hillsborough Stadium, past and present in determining if the 96 people were unlawfully killed and  culpability after the stadium disaster



2013 G8 in Northern Ireland

R2S played a crucial role in the security preparations for the 2013 G8 conference of world leaders in Enniskillen Northern Ireland.  The complete project was supplied on Windows tablets and laptops, providing security staff with quick and easy access to data from any location on or off site.